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The earth is our playground, and our higher consciousness (gold) gives us the freedom to explore all kinds of belief systems to discover our own truth.   The blues here represent wisdom and intuition of the throat and brow chakras.  The reds, courage from the root chakra; and green, transformation from the heart chakra.  All assisting us to find our own truth.

  • LE/100, Artists proofs 10, all sizes included 
  • 30x20, 36x24, 45x30 standard

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My image is infused into special coated aluminum for a magical luminescence. Available in gloss or matte finish. Mounted to 2mm styrene. Black metal inset frame, floats 3/4” off wall. Includes french cleat & wire to hang. Stunning!


My image is printed on fine art metallic paperwith dramatic depth & vibrancy. Face mounted to 1/8” archival acrylic. Available in gloss or matte finish. Backed with aluminum dibond for rigidity. Black metal inset frame, floats 3/4” off wall. Includes french cleat & wire to hang. This mounting technique significantly improves the archival image life particularly in high humid environments.