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My "chakraZ™ collection" is inspired by the chakras -- seven primary energy centers in the human body that receive, transform and distribute energy. I painted my emotions through the seven main chakra colors--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. The color vibrations in each have the ability to shift and clear energy in any given space. Experience the power of color! 

Have you ever experienced physical, mental or sexual abuse? Depression or anxiety? Feeling less than or that you're not enough? I have.

Through my years of healing from memories of childhood abuse, I began painting. Then and now, when I need to work through certain emotions, I sense the color I need to shift my energy and go into my studio and paint it while listening to my favorite music.

The impact of my stroke is when that vibration of energy and my acrylic paints collide. When I first began painting, I would hear a voice in my right ear guiding me as to how much paint to put on my palette knife and what motion to use to create a stroke. I never thought of my art as a career—at the time, it was totally transforming my energy and heaviness from the memories. I was amazed at what was coming out of me as I glided my tools across my surfaces of metal and acrylic. And most importantly, at what I was feeling inside of me! Painting these vibrant colors literally catapulted me from darkness to light.

I always ask God and the Universe to touch my pieces with light energy so that whoever purchases or walks by my colorspaces will experience what I did. A positive internal shift! My strokes uplift me, inspire me to take action, to be at peace, deprogram me from old beliefs, and connect with my soul. They bring me such joy and happiness. They are a part of me! At one of my one-woman gallery shows, a couple walked in from Seattle and said “this art is so happy!” Mission accomplished.

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