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My "chakraZ™ collection" is inspired by the chakras -- seven primary energy centers in the human body that receive, transform and distribute energy. I painted my emotions through the seven main chakra colors--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. The color vibrations in each have the ability to shift and clear energy in any given space. Experience the power of color! 

Born in Toronto, Canada, Pamela Nielsen is an artistic product of Italian – Hungarian heritage. Although she is a well-seasoned traveler, she currently lives with her husband in Salt Lake City, Utah where she cultivates her artistic flair through her captivating and visually spectacular artwork.

Loving arts of every kind, Pamela dabbled in pastels, calligraphy, cartoons, and even ventured into piano performance playing a concerto at the Spokane World's Fair. A natural performer she took up singing, as well as acting, appeared on various television commercials, TV series, voiceovers, and print work.

“The power in my art stroke is color, movement, and energy.”

The energy of color inspires me. I will sense a specific color connected to the emotions I am experiencing at the moment and will begin creating an art piece for days or weeks in my head before I go into my studio and paint it. My strength is being able to collaborate with clients, whether private collectors, designers, or architects to create the piece that fits their vision—sensing their energy and that of the space. This by far is my favorite thing to do. The marketing part can be a bit challenging—I would much rather create!

So I am thrilled that my artwork continues to find it’s way to some amazing spaces ALL over the world!

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