HIRE Pamela

For custom work, my ORIGINAL(S) is blended into an entire residential, commercial or hotel property.  A commissioned ORIGINAL as the statement piece can be re-created into individual pieces--prints, fabric, carpet, furniture, vinyl murals, roller shades, accessories-- that reflect and complement the ORIGINAL while attracting attention as stand-alone pieces; no two are alike.  The result is a cohesive creative strategy that flows through the entire property, impressively tying everything together with one seamless collection.

FIRST. I collaborate with my client--a private collector, designer, hotel or architect-- by receiving color boards, fabrics, wall-coverings, carpet samples, etc. for their specific project.  

SECOND. I will then send sample "swooshes" of my acrylic paint colors to match your color scheme.

THIRD. The acrylic paint colors to be incorporated into my original are then chosen, as well as the substrate to be painted on and the painting technique desired.   Substrates range from metal--anodized colored aluminum, raw, powder coated, stainless, stainless with a design in the metal, brushed copper, bronze; Plexi--clear or colored; wood; fabric; or any other substrate that will work with your desires and my acrylic paints.  

FOURTH. I create the original.  Below, the original "essenZe"

"We commissioned Pam to create a 9'x4' acrylic painting on metal which has become one of the home's center pieces.  This home has since been featured on the Discovery TV Series Epic.  The art can be seen from 800 feet away because of it's spectacular nature and lighting.  Highly recommend Pam!"  ~Kurt Larsen, President/CEO, Resource Management, Inc.

"essenZe" was lit by The MerlinLight®.  “See the Magic” experience is when you witness your perfectly contoured canvas, sculpture or prized furnishing illuminated from a hidden source.  Your artwork enjoyment now becomes an integral part of your life experience.  Thus… “Not just a light, a lifestyle…”   merlinlight.com


FIFTH.  If my client's prefer, digital prints are then created from my original producing multiple deZigns to flow through the property.  Whether it be prints for the wall, fabrics, carpet, furniture, etc.



SIXTH.  The final collaborative outcome!  Three 2'x2' dye-infused metal imaging prints complement the 9'x4' original "essenZe". 


Doubletree Hilton San Bernardino

I collaborated with Patti Tritschler of IIG, Interior Image Group, and her design team to create artwork for the newly refurbished full-service Doubletree Hilton San Bernardino, DKN Hotels.  Commissioned to create an 11.4'x4' original statement piece on clear acrylic for the wall behind the registration desks, prints were then produced from that original to flow through the public space areas and guest rooms to maintain the chosen theme throughout.  526 pieces in all.