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Colorz Collection

$18.88 monthly subscription

Pamela introduces her newest digital creation - The n.motion collection features 2 hours of Pamela's chakraZ collection n.motion. Change the ambience & vibeZ on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone or on a digital billboard.


The n.motion art collection

Transform your room in colorZ

2 hours n.motion art

8 different Paintings n.motion

Entertain in your home

Create the ambiance in your hotel

Vibe across your office space

THE Artist

Pamela Nielsen

“I create art to uplift and inspire. Colors that shift and transform energy. With movement that transcends. I hope my creations stir your soul and bring you joy each time you walk past them in your home, office, spa, hotel...”

The energy of color inspires me. I will sense a specific color connected to the emotions I am experiencing at the moment and will begin creating an art piece for days or weeks in my head before I go into my studio and paint it. I love the way my paints glide on the smooth surfaces of acrylic and metal, and more recently fabrics, and have even manufactured my own tools to create the smooth strokes I envision.


create your vibez - Stay n.motion

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