What collectors are saying. . .

“Pamela’s original, vibrant and utterly contemporary abstract art pieces adorn the walls of acclaimed Cantonese restaurant Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira, as well as selected Specialty Suites designed by Charles Allem of Miami, make a stylish statement and a focal point of tastefully appointed interiors of The Mira Hong Kong. Defined by art, music, and lifestyle, hip interiors of an innovative urban retreat in the bustling heart of Tsim She Tsui wouldn’t be the same without the original acrylic onmetal artworks and limited edition prints by Pamela Nielsen, who effortlessly captured the brand palette of recently refurbished flagship property of the Design Hotels™ network in the city.”

— Gerhard Aicher, General Manager, The Mira

“A WOW! I LOVE IT! We’re getting compliments on the elevator art . . . happy about our collaboration!”

— Ahmad Varedi, SLCC Director of Student Centers

Kurt Larsen, essenZe Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art 1200x800.jpg__PID:01315251-b391-4a4d-ab98-d2f3ca105756

“We commissioned Pam to create a 9’x4’ painting on metal for our home, featured on the Discovery TV Series Epic, which has become one of the home’s center pieces. The art can be seen from 800 feet away with its spectacular nature; lighting. Highly recommend Pam!”

— Kurt Larsen, Resource Management Inc.

“We then left it in her creative mind and hands to develop the piece. We wanted the piece to speak to our corporate strengths of creativity and integrity. She achieved more than our expectations. We love the piece!”

— Patti Tritschler, IIG Interior Image Group

Turnberyy, GOLD cropped to 1200 600 ratio.jpg__PID:e1a64115-02f3-464c-b4fa-3aaeeb97fbbc

“Pam delivered a big statement of ascending metallic flourishes at One Turnberry Place, Las Vegas, and on a floating 8’ clear acrylic panel, GOLD was born. Their reimagined lobby needed an abstract piece that was not too color specific and that evoked movement and energy with a sophisticated palette in metallics. I would not have had GOLD without our unique process of ‘call and response’. I am continually grateful for the collaboration and understanding of our themes.”

— Brian Thornton, Designer.

Elizabeth Rad, fireworkZ Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art 1300x863.jpg__PID:45618ef0-c0c4-4459-9885-69f5854046c7Elizabeth Rad, Corrado Properties, Oneness 10'x4', outdoor metal print, Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art HD cropped again 19.5 MB 1200x600 ratio.jpg__PID:618ef0c0-c414-4958-8569-f5854046c724Elizabeth Rad. pure ligHt 5'x4' original acrylic on black satin metal, Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art 8.7MB.jpg__PID:4fd15e53-ed49-4255-81a9-6b5ae7ad3aef

“Pamela Nielsen’s works reflect her inner spirituality. I am fortunate to have purchased my first piece 15 years ago and it still holds a prominent place in my heart and home. I recently purchased a new piece for my office. I received so many compliments on her work. Pamela is a professional and a true artist."

— Elizabeth Rad.

Carol Phillps, THE SADDLE Pamela Nielsen Contemporary Art 19.2MB.jpg__PID:f0d5479c-a2bd-41d3-a67e-5d394faa87cf

"Pamela’s art is captivatingly elegant and a visual delight. When I commissioned her for my home’s statement piece, she skillfully and effortlessly created the aesthetics and energy of my home combined with the love of my personal life—horses. Even without her knowing that one of my horses had recently passed away. “THE SADDLE” is not only a beautiful focal point but also holds a very special and emotional part of my heart and soul. Pam is truly one of a kind, and I feel lucky and blessed to have one of her pieces in my home."

— Carol Phillips, Whimsey

LAROCHE chocolat.jpg__PID:2c2591df-2e84-4e79-bf7a-d43fb2c5425c

“Pam Nielsen’s art is featured in our beach home in Mazatlán, Mexico.  Every room has at least one of her spectacular paintings, and I am as crazy about them now as when my husband and I bought our first one eleven years ago. How could I not be?  From color selection to contemporary strokes, her designs lighten my mood and make mesmile.                                                                         
My husband and I host many parties and have several couples who come to visit.  The first thing people rave about is Pam’s art, and, after seeing our artwork, some friendshave contacted her to create masterpieces for them.

Pam will adjust colors, sizes, frames and hues to create exactly what is requested.  Her ability to photoshop her paintings onto the space on the wall is tremendously helpful to potential buyers. Pam stands out as an artist as she works with her clients to give them exactly what they want.  She is an amazing talent, and I am blessed to own her work.”

— Patty LaRoche

DSCF8731 cropped curves b and c copy.jpg__PID:5114e9f7-04c6-48f5-8f3a-c00a0f8d83bc

"My husband and I love Pamela's artwork. We have purchased several pieces, including a custom painting where we worked closely with her and loved the process and final artwork. Pamela is a gifted artist who communicated well with us throughout, despite us never commissioning a piece prior to working with her. We are fans for life and will continue to find new pieces to add to our collection." 

— Maile Keone


“Ta-da! The painting fits my conversation room adding a classy touch. Once again, thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration with me! Your paintings raise me up’!"

— Carla Farmer

“I remember walking into a store in SLC UT and gasping at these beautifully painted plates on display. The initial creations of Pamela Nielsen’s art offered to the world. The combination of colors was stunning and even though there were many colors used on each plate to view, it felt like one by one a single color would come forward and just speak to my heart. I am thrilled that I own 3 of Pamela’s creations. I love how my pieces invigorate as well as soothe the essence of my home.”

— Mary Parker Williams

"Sunlight!!! Serotonin!!! Boosting mood, feeling happy and focused... my entryway.... thanks, Pam."

— Irma Vergaro

1.  Bobbie Cook _understanding_ 300 dpi.jpg__PID:63c37460-6ebb-4632-ade5-7b30030c6694

“Your art is awesome! It is hard to pick just one, but I think my favorite is ‘Amore’. I have it in my office so I see it every day. I love the reds and the touch of pink. You are so talented, and I am so happy for you and your successes!”

— Bobbie Cook (my first collector)


“While living, working, and ‘playing’ in Utah for 10 years I was constantly inspired by the red rock and azure, blue sky of the state. Naturally, I could not resist adopting those as the color scheme for our living spaces. When I asked Pamela to show me pieces of her art that would reflect the colors of southern Utah she was able to provide two extraordinary pieces for me. One now graces the large wall in the living room and the other piece accents a wall in the adjoining dining room. My love of the red/rock Utah desert now resides with us in our new Florida home. Thank you, Pamela Nielsen, for exceeding all expectations.”

— Christine Rose