Do you want to feel more secure & protected? Do you want to leave something to the imagination? Are you mysterious in nature? The color BLACK is the color of power & sophistication.

With its boundless depth and mystifying demeanor, the color black leaves much to the imagination. Black keeps its emotions close to the vest and is unwilling to divulge its innermost thoughts. Perhaps this is why many find black to be standoffish. The color black chooses to go through things in a vacuum. This withdrawn approach to life wreaks havoc on the psyche. Be sensitive around those who often wear black. They may be experiencing emotional pain.

~Jacob Olesen | Black Color Meaning 


The color black is wildly misunderstood. It awakens dark and depressing thoughts, but it means no harm. It yearns to be accepted but has made peace with its unfavorable reputation. Far more than a foreboding color, black is also powerful, striking, and a source of protection.
Black is versed in the art of seduction. With its undeniable elegance and subtle sexiness, black arouses many sensations. This alluring color is often used to set the mood. If you’re looking to get in touch with your sultry side, look no further than the color black. This feisty shade both appreciates and promotes matters of romance.


Fortunately, some good comes from black’s intimidating disposition. Some people cling to the color black because it makes them feel secure and protected. No one would dare approach the person who isn’t afraid to associate with black. Black doesn’t appreciate being used in this way, but it’s happy to be of some help. When surrounded by toxic energy, use black as your shield.

Use BLACK to set the mood in your space. It is an incredibly strong & intimidating color that exudes authority and makes us feel secure & protected.

Best rooms to use BLACK in. . . 

  • Bedroom / guest room
  • Home office / Study room
  • Meeting / conference room
  • Entrance in your home of office
  • ANYWHERE you want to elicit SOPHISTICATION & POWER
  • Here are just a few of my BLACK images—which shade of BLACK
    resonates with you?