trust in LOVE (acrylic block)

trust in LOVE (acrylic block)

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I was asked to create images for a project on diversity and inclusivity.  I pondered for weeks as to what to paint, and when I entered my studio, hearts began pouring out of me.  I couldn't stop!  LOVE is the universal language.  It encircles all of us!  

When I began painting "trust in LOVE", I was tapping into the energy of trusting in Christ--my higher power.  Truly trusting Him--because I now believe He IS LOVE.  It has taken me years to get there since dealing with memories of childhood abuse.  

So I chose deep brown metallic paint to give me a sense of groundedness and security.  The aqua and blue representing the calmness and peace of ocean waters.  Then I added a touch of copper because of its ability to pull higher vibrations into the physical body--and to balance meridians and chakras.  And silver for the silver linings in my life--I've had many.  I love how this heart floats in my image.  It feels heavenly to me.

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