true LOVE (acrylic block)

true LOVE (acrylic block)

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I was asked to create images for a project on diversity and inclusivity. I pondered for weeks as to what to paint, and when I entered my studio, hearts began pouring out of me. I couldn't stop! LOVE is the universal language. It encompasses us all.

I love this shade of blue.  It is so delicious and alive to me!  By one definition, blue is the helper, the friend in need, and it likes to build strong trusting relationships.  It has a sense of devotion to family or work.  It is a giver.  And loyal.  And my perspective is that "true LOVE" not only gives to others, but especially to self.  I have discovered that self help is vital for me, and makes me more available and healthy to help others when I can.   I'm a believer in energy work and have found wonderful facilitators who can help me release the seed of an issue I may have.  When it's gone, it's gone.  It has been life changing. 

This blue also reminds me of the vibrant clear blue sky at the top of Bryce Canyon when we hiked it years ago.  Breathtaking!  

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