tranquil LOVE

tranquil LOVE

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I was asked to create images for a project on diversity and inclusivity.  As I pondered what to paint, I entered my studio, and hearts began pouring out of me.  I couldn't stop!  LOVE is the universal language that encompasses us all.

"tranquil LOVE" is another version of "divine LOVE".   I decided to put it through the photoshop process and was excited to find it in aqua.  My favorite color!  It reminds me of tranquil waters I have visited all over the world.  

The lightness of the color can mean clarity of thought and calmness. This is the reason why the beach is associated with easing stress and pressure. The turquoise waters and blue sky calm the mind and provide a sense of clarity.

Overall, this color means tranquility and being at peace.  It is light, fun, and calming. The color is easy on the eyes and can make anyone feel at ease.

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