protective LOVE

protective LOVE

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I was asked to create images for a project on diversity and inclusivity. I pondered for weeks as to what to paint, and when I entered my studio, hearts began pouring out of me. I couldn't stop! LOVE is the universal language. It encompasses us all.

I know a black heart may be quite perplexing, but I call this heart "protective LOVE" for a reason.  In 2019 I began painting originals for clients matte black acrylic paint on matte black metal and canvas.  I actually love the affect.  I also love black.  It quiets energy for me.  Black on black lends itself to reflection of light and is associated with water elements evoking power, mastery and calm. And a grounding effect when used sparingly. 

When I was healing from memories of childhood abuse, it was also a trigger color for me.  A color psychologist wrote, "It awakens dark and depressing thoughts, but it means no harm. It yearns to be accepted but has made peace with its unfavorable reputation. Far more than a foreboding color, black is also powerful, striking, and a source of protection."  So I decided to paint through it and embrace it.  And being a very sensitive person, use its protection from negative energies.  It has become one of my dearest color friends.   Thus "protective LOVE".

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