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After weeks of creating the chakraZª WHITE series in my head, I entered my studio one evening to paint them. Each stroke on a 27"x21" piece of deep bronze metal.  Signifying coming out of the dark. 8 strokes of color--7 from the primary chakra colors--red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet--and pink. The chakra of love. I had been doing a lot of healing work with the chakra colors, releasing memories of childhood abuse, and felt inspired to paint a white stroke through each representing a clearing of any negative energy in that specific chakra. Painting these intense colors dramatically shifted me physiologically in a very positive direction!

"mantraZ" is a word or phrase repeated over and over during meditation. They are generally sacred in nature--a name or sound that both uplifts you and helps you keep your focus. They are designed to change you. How better to paint it then with blue--associated with the throat chakra.  Like music to my ears.

The chakraZª WHITE series includes the images "powerful" "life!" "clarity" "youthful" "mantraZ" "manifeZt" "divine wiZdom" and "magnetiZm".

  • LE/100, Artist proofs 10, all sizes included except for chakraZ™ collection
  • 30x20, 36x24, 45x30 standard
  • 30x14, 48x17, 70x20 panoramic

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My image is infused into special coated aluminum for a magical luminescence. Available in gloss or matte finish. Mounted to 2mm styrene. Black metal inset frame, floats 3/4” off wall. Includes french cleat & wire to hang. Stunning!


My image is printed on fine art metallic paperwith dramatic depth & vibrancy. Face mounted to 1/8” archival acrylic. Available in gloss or matte finish. Backed with aluminum dibond for rigidity. Black metal inset frame, floats 3/4” off wall. Includes french cleat & wire to hang. This mounting technique significantly improves the archival image life particularly in high humid environments.