I AM "diVinity"
I AM "diVinity"

I AM "diVinity"

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I was commissioned to paint the silhouette of a woman’s body for a hotel project.  I was amazed at what I created!  Inspired to use red acrylics on red metal with a touch of gold representing the God within, painting “diVinity” empowered me--releasing the lies the abuse created.

“diVinity” honors the true beauty of all women. Love, sensuality, spirituality, strength, passion, sense of humor, compassion, intelligence, power. . .  I deeply and completely love and value myself because I AM diVinity!  

Stunning on my metal product.  Either gloss or matte finish.

• 10x6, 12x7.5, 14x8.5, 16x10, 20x12  standard

• Hanger mount, floats print 1/2" off wall


• FOR LARGER SIZES https://pamelanielsen.com/collections/red/products/divinity

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