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One of my first paintings--painted on a red acrylic platter.  The âbeginningZâ of my art career.  I was playing with various techniques and combinations of the chakra colors.  A pretty good beginning, wouldn't you say?

When I first started painting, I was drawn to paint on metal and acrylic. I just loved how my paints would glide on their surface. I purchased red acrylic platters at Z Gallerie then drove down to a local steel mill and found a pile of red aluminum sheets that were 1 cent each. I bought them all.  For some reason, I just needed red.  

  • LE/100, Artist proofs 10, all sizes included   
  • 30x20, 36x24, 45x30 standard
  • 30x14, 48x17, 70x20 panoramic

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