I was born & raised in Toronto, Canada until I was 11, then my parents moved my brother and sister and I to Salt Lake City, Utah. My father was an Italian born professional soccer player, Bruno Livio Gerzeli. (that’s where all the Z’s come from in my titles) and my mother, Mary, is of Hungarian heritage. My dad passed away 40 years ago, and my mom is 90 years old and married to my step-father, Ted, who is 99. They are amazing.

I am extremely right-brained, and a go-getter, and have dabbled in all kinds of arts— from pastels, calligraphy, sewing and designing clothes, to making huge banners for my boys’ school. I began playing the piano at a very young age—and at 14 played a piano concerto with the Granite Youth Symphony at the Spokane World’s Fair.

I met my husband, Scott, at BYU where I graduated with a Fine Arts Degree in communications and he played baseball. In 1983, he got drafted by the Seattle Mariners . . . and our 9-year baseball journey began—with our first of four sons, Dusty. Scotty also played for the Yankees, White Sox, and Mets. We moved 36 times in 9 years, and were blessed with Tyler and Brock during those years. I was pregnant with Trey when Scott retired. I’ve sat through thousands of baseball games watching Scott and my boys—I never thought I’d say it, but I really miss those days.

I began singing lessons when we lived in Chicago, and sang the national anthem at minor league baseball games as well as Jazz games in SLC. Then continued singing with a small jazz band for weddings and special events. Eventually writing, singing and producing my cd “i am free”, a celebration of God’s healing in my life from memories of childhood abuse.

Once baseball ended, I decided to try my luck in acting. Mainly being a spokesperson for industrial videos, tv commercials and voiceovers. But my claim to fame is being an extra in the blue dart scene with Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber! What a fun day that was. He was a kick to work with. And I was a huge hit with my boys and their friends.

I just love trying new things . . . and when I turned 50 . . . I was in a lull. So . . . I ventured into ballroom dancing and had so much fun dressing up in gorgeous costumes going to amateur dance comps and performing showcases. Kept me in great shape and brought me back to life, so to speak.

We have traveled all over the world with Scott’s jobs, where I find a lot of my inspiration. I’ve had a very blessed life inspite of my dark times. I’ve done a lot of healing over the years, and continue to do so. I have been guided to so many healing modalities that have transformed me. I try to look at the positive that comes out of the negative . . . it’s not always easy . . . but that’s life. God speed.