When I glide purple paints across my metal and acrylic surfaces, a calm comes over me.  I feel a quiet reverence.  I am literally in a different zone.  Purple, for me, is a freedom of/in consciousness.  It is the “void”.  The space within myself that I can go to where there is no judgment, no fear, no anxiety, just sheer and utter nothingness.   It is “ageless”, “fearless”, “tranquility”, “divine wiZdom”, “rapture”, “eternal“, “sweet dreamZ”, “fantasies”, and my “higher self”.   It “refineZ”, “visual iZe”s.    “I AM” a “thousandfold” with purple You can read about my lavender dream here https://pamelanielsen.com/blogs/news/my-lavender-dream Then scroll down to view my "Design with" series to see what purple can do for you.