my lavender dream

my lavender dream

Today is a very emotional day for me. "Jesus Calling" posted my healing journey from abuse in their blog series. I pray that my story will help you to know that your heart can be healed. Restoring your "Energy Signature" back to who you truly are. Mine was through God, my music and my art. Feeling very blessed. Here's the link:  Jesus Calling Blog

I had the most incredible dream on March 17, 2021. For a few days, I had been experiencing some very deep emotional pain from my past abuse and was having a hard time dealing with it. I prayed one night before bedtime asking God for help. 

Then my dream came--around 4 am--I could see myself walking next to God and we had literally transcended all things. The color of the entire scene was lavender--the color of the 7th or crown chakra--which represents connection to our higher power. We were walking on a light lavender colored floor that was very linear and smooth--like the satin translucent acrylic I paint on. I could see us from our back sides. He was on my right side holding my right hand, and we were walking & talking. I could sense the world and all things we deal with were about 2-3 levels below us. There was such peace--a stillness like none I’d ever experienced, yet like I’ve always known!

Calm. Quiet. Balanced. Grounded. Still. No anxiety. No fear. No judgment. My soul energy! All of ours. Christ consciousness. A heightened vibrational energy. He turned to me and said “Everything is ok.”  Then I woke up.  My clock said 4:30 a.m.  This dream was so profound that I meditate on it daily.  The peace that surpasses all understanding.  

I went into my studio a few weeks later and painted it then created a video adding my song "can you hear me?" to it, a message I received years ago when I was dealing with anger while picking up dinner for my family on Valentine's Day.  Life is an incredible journey! 

I think of all the things we are trying to search for in our lives--peace is the most desired emotion.  This dream brought me there.  I hope this image will do the same for you.