the artist | pamela nielsen



My passion is creating big pieces for big spaces.  Multi-scaled colorscapes that exude a WOW-factor, one-of-a-kind experience.  

The energy of color inspires me.  I will sense a specific color connected to the emotions I am experiencing at the moment and will begin creating an art piece for days or weeks in my head before I go into my studio and paint it.  My strength is being able to collaborate with clients, whether private collectors, designers, or architects to create the piece that fits their vision—sensing their energy and that of the space.   This by far is my favorite thing to do.  The marketing part can be a bit challenging—I would much rather create!

I paint my originals on metal, acrylic, canvas, wood, fabric, wallpaper, or whatever substrate will work with my client’s vision in mind.  My prints are manufactured in metal or acrylic.  

Born in Toronto, Canada--a creative and extremely right-brained soul of a “delicious” Italian-Hungarian heritage—the Z that threads through many of my art titles comes from my maiden name Gerzeli.  

Music, dance, acting and art have always been a huge part of my life. As a teenager I dabbled in pastels, calligraphy and cartoons.  I sang my first solo at the age of 8 and performed a piano concerto at the Spokane World’s Fair at 14.   After college I also had the opportunity to sing the national anthem at AAA baseball and NBA basketball games while traveling the country (moving 36 times!) with my hubby, Scott, a professional baseball pitcher for the Yankees and White Sox. 

While raising our 4 sons, I decided to try my luck at acting, appearing on “Touched by an Angel”, “Promised Land”, “Cover Me” and a made for television movie “No Place Like Home”.  But my claim to fame with my family and friends is being an extra in Lloyd’s fart scene with fire in the movie “Dumb and Dumber” with Jim Carey!  (I’m second on the left).  I have also filmed tv commercials, industrial videos and currently do voiceover work.  And because of Scott's work, we have been blessed to travel.

All of these influences come into play when I paint.  Whether it’s painting to my own music, or to the sounds of Michael Buble, Tony Bennett, Earth Wind & Fire, Basia, and anything jazz or disco—I dance and sing many strokes of the way. 

In 2003, while mixing my inspirational vocal CD, "i am free", a celebration of God’s healing power in my life from childhood abuse, I was inspired to capture that freedom by painting the colors of the chakras--7 energy centers in the human body that receive, assimilate and distribute energy-- with acrylics on metals, acrylic, wood and other surfaces.  Having never painted before, I let the strokes flow, and was incredibly amazed by what was emerging!  Experiencing the power of color first hand— these colors literally catapulted me from darkness to light.  This moment was a turning point in my life. It marked a new beginning and a new way for me to uplift and inspire others through visual arts. Most of my art titles capture the emotions connected to the chakras.

I hope my creations will bring you joy and stir your soul with emotions.  Thank you for spending a bit of your time with me.  Enjoy!