essenZe, original on metal

"We commissioned Pam to create a 9' x 4' acrylic painting on metal (and 3 exclusive metal prints) for our home which has become one of the home's center pieces.  This home has since been featured on the
Discovery TV Series Epic.  The art can be seen from 800 feet away because of its spectacular nature and lighting.  Highly recommend Pam!"

Kurt Larsen, President/CEO, Resource Management, Inc.


Oneness, metal print


fireworkZ, ​original, acrylics on metal


KOI, original, acrylics on metal


piZaZZ, metallic print, plexiglass mount


​salZa & tanGo, originals, acrylics on white acrylic


essenZe, original, acrylic on metal


Action!, metal print


chocolat, metal print


revelation, metallic print, plexiglass mount


Zpontaneity, original, acrylics on clear acrylic


exZaltation, metallic print


fantasies, original on porcelain


Zunshine, original, acrylic on acrylic


manhatten liteZ, original, acrylic on curved acrylic


proZperity, originals, acrylic on acrylic


solace, acrylic on polylinen canvas