I paint on acrylic and metals almost exclusively for my original work.  Substrates range from metal--anodized colored aluminum, raw, powder coated, stainless, stainless with a custom design, brushed copper, bronze; Acrylic--clear or colored; wood; fabric; or any other substrate that will work with your desires and my acrylic paints.  I love to experiment.

Sometimes my paint is smooth to the surface, and other times very impasto--or a blend of both--creating paintings that literally leap off the medium, a dramatic 3D in person experience. 

When commissioned, I work very closely with private collectors, designers, architects, etc. to create the perfect piece to enhance the energy and ambiance of the space--choosing the colors, stroke technique, and substrate preferences. Collaboration is key!


refresh, acrylic on 3/8" clear acrylic.  42"x42"x2".  


in the pink, acrylic on 1/8" clear anodized aluminum. 48"x72"x1"


into the light, acrylic on 1/2" black acrylic.  72"x48"x1"


Archangel, acrylic on acrylic.  18"x9.5"x2.5"