original custom creations for large walls

PNMy originals are painted on acrylic and metals almost exclusively. Substrates range from metal--anodized colored aluminum, raw, powder coated, brushed stainless, stainless with a custom design in the metal, brushed copper, bronze; Plexi--clear or colored; wood; poly linen canvas; fabric; or any other substrate that will work with my client's desires and my acrylic paints. Such as an epoxy Liquid elements floor...quite stunning!

Sometimes the paint is smooth to the surface, and other times very impasto--or a blend of both--creating paintings that literally leap off the medium, a dramatic 3D in person experience.

When commissioned, I work very closely with private collectors, designers, architects, etc. to create the perfect piece to enhance the energy and ambiance of their space--choosing the colors, stroke technique, and substrate preferences. Collaboration is key.