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Milliken carpet HI CONNECT 1200x600 ratio.jpg__PID:0fa81c88-1a18-40fa-860d-702f4609c037
HI CONNECT 2015 women's area rug 1200x600.jpg__PID:a1256d94-0fa8-4c88-9a18-f0fa460d702f
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BIG originals | BIG prints | BIG creationZ

eliminate the guesswork

You shouldn't have to guess what you're getting from the artist you commissioned for your project. I want you to know where each step of the project is heading. . . and ensure that YOU & your client's expectations are exceeded. 

Imagine exceeding your client's vision that saves you time and money.

  • 1-on-1 project & art collaboration
  • 1-on-1 weekly meetings
  • Work directly with the artist
  • unique color combinations to choose from
  • An endless color palette on a variety of substrates

multipurpose designZ for your space

  • Scalable sizing
  • Print on carpet or fabric
  • Digital n.motion art
  • Exclusive rights to printZ
  • 3D in-person visual experience
  • Multi-purpose framing options
  • Enhance energy
  • Visual ambience
  • Center piece and printZ

Simplify your process & exceed client expectations

Finding an artist who can review design boards and create art that meets yours and your clients’ vision can be difficult. My passion is collaborating with private collectors, designers and architects to bring your vision to life with art that embraces the energy of the design and space. I paint and print on a diversity of substrates, so let me be your one-stop shop contemporary artist. The possibilities are endless. I love how my clients come back for more, and I look forward to creating with you.

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your design vision + My process =visually stunning Reality

I’ve done 100+ custom projects. Working with architects, designers, design firms, private collectors, international and domestic. I have saved them countless hours on projects because of my simple 1-on-1 process. I’ve done the homework on what my art images will work with, and I am always open to your ideas for new substrates. 

bringing your design vision to reality

My ego doesn’t get in the way of your vision. As a creative, I also understand it has to feel right in your space.

Art can be looked at in two different ways:

1. A "wow" factor, jaw-dropping statement piece.
2. Art that is a beautiful marriage of color and design within the designed space.

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let's collaborate on what color fits your design vision

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