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My passion is creating BIG Pieces for BIG Spaces. BIG statement art pieces that exude the WOW factor. I look forward to creating your custom colors for your wall.

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Big Originals

My BIG originals are painted on clear & colored acrylic; brushed stainless steel, powder coated aluminum, anodized aluminum and aluminum in various colors; brushed copper; wood; fabric; or whatever substrate my acrylics might work on.

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Big Prints

My BIG prints come on metallic, fuji flex, or inkjet prints fused between acrylic; prints in metal--gloss, satin, matte finish.

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Big creationZ

My BIG creationZ are infused into carpets, wall murals, originals in liquid elements flooring, fabric, and more.

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what you get with a custom piece

For custom work, my ORIGINAL is blended into an entire residential, commercial or hotel property. A commissioned ORIGINAL as the statement piece can be re-created into individual pieces--prints, fabric, carpet, furniture, vinyl murals, roller shades, accessories-- that reflect and complement the ORIGINAL while attracting attention as stand-alone pieces; no two are alike.

The result is a cohesive creative strategy that flows through the entire property, impressively tying everything together with one seamless collection.

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