multicolor (chakraZ™)

In 2003, I heard a voice whisper in my right ear, “Go buy plates and paint on them”.  So I did.  I bought a $300 table at a local consignment store and created an art studio in my basement.  While listening to mixes of my vocal cd “i am free”, a celebration of God’s healing in my life from memories of childhood abuse, I began painting my emotions through the vibrant colors of the chakras.  7 primary energy centers in the body that distribute, assimilate and transform energy.   I would enter my studio at times with very heavy emotional energy, and when I had painted a few pieces, that energy shifted dramatically.  Painting these colors literally shifted me from darkness to light!The designer Frank H. Mahnke says “Color creates a sensory experience that impacts us physiologically.”  I experienced it first hand.   This is why I paint.  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to my "Design with" series to see what color can do for you.