There are so many voices in the world right now, that I have hesitated adding mine.  But I decided I would write my thoughts when they come—and if you need them and are meant to find them, you will.

My journey has been a tough one.  When I was 35, memories of childhood abuse surfaced.  I began a very long and arduous climb to pull me from the darkness.  8 years in, I produced, wrote and sang a cd called “i am free”—songs of a celebration of God’s healing in my life.  I questioned all my beliefs and went on a quest for truth.  Then my art showed up—and painting the vibrant colors of the chakras catapulted me from darkness to light.

I haven’t put this to music yet, but these words filled my head during that time “Voices. Voices.  Voices. Voices.  How can I hear my voice come through, when all I do is listen to these voices voices.  Voices voices.”  Especially in today’s world of 24 hours news and social media!

I believe that God dwells within us—a Christ consciousness.  And that my truth lies within me.  My spirit.  My source energy.  God.  But I need to be still enough to go inside and listen.  Not always easy to do in this world.  It took me awhile to learn how to do it—The Power of Now and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle taught me.  And when I do, I am filled with peace.  

I constantly see the number 888.  I found a great website willowsoul.com that gave an explanation of that number.  I particularly loved this:  “The truth is that the material things of this world won’t last forever, so recognize the things that DO last forever, and build your life around them.  YOU ARE THE ARTIST IN YOUR LIFE SO BE INTENTIONAL IN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO CREATE.”  I am always a piece of art in progress.  I love it!


Much love to you for a glorious day.  God bless. 


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